Art Day

We’ve tried expressive art and using chalks on a dark background. We’ve also been doing some sketching of landmarks in Tyldesley. Here are the children hard at work. Think I got most of them although a few had already skipped off to get ready for lunch by the time I got my iPad out!


We’ve combined PHSE (Keeping Healthy) and our Geography and Art topics by going on a mile walk around our local area. We have looked at local landmarks and Mrs Swanton told us about the history of Hindsford Brook, Factory Street and the Pelican Centre.

We’ll be doing some art work tomorrow using some of the photos we have taken.

Problem solving

We’ve been working hard with problem solving with number bonds today. All of the children worked really hard but I’ve just been looking through the books and have noticed Alana’s work. I’m blown away by her systematic working out to find all possible answers! And it’s neat too! On top of all of this, all of the children have accessed this problem independently. They have not had any help from an adult, not even to read or understand the question!

Bravo Alana and Year 1! 👌👍