4th March 2021
As today is World Book day all of our learning has been based around the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers.

After listening to the story the children carried out a colour investigation using skittles and warm water.

11th February 2020
Today the children compared materials saying what it feels like and what it is used for.

4th February 2021
The children conducted an experiment today to find out which material would be suitable to fix and umbrella.

28th January 2021
In Science today the children made choices about which material would be best used to make an object from. They had to think very carefully about the properties of the materials and their uses.

13th January 2021
In Science we have continued with our topic everyday materials. The children have been busy at home and in school looking for objects made from our six materials.

21st January 2021

Today in Science the children have been thinking about the properties of materials. They chose different objects around their homes and wrote about the properties of them.

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