Remote Learning Week beginning 22nd March 2021

Here are some examples of the work completed in our remote learning this week.
Thursday 25th March 2021
Today the children wrote up their instructions for how to make a jam sandwich.

Today the children created their own number museum for 18.

Wednesday 24th March 2021
Today the children began writing their instructions on how to make their sandwich.

Today the children continued their maths museums – they wrote their number as a word today.

Today we focused on the final trigraph ‘our’

In our History lesson today the children used their historical nowledge of toys in the 1950s and toys now to decide which era they would prefer to live in 2000’s or 1950’s.

Today in Phonics the children continued their learning on the oor trigraph. The also sorted some real and nonsense words.

Today in our Science lesson we looked at the changes of the seasons from winter to spring.

Tuesday 23rd March 2021
In English the children wrote their plan for their instruction writing.

The children explored the number 14. Today they added the expanded form into their work.

Today the children continued with their learning of the oar trigraph. The did a phoneme hunt around their homes and wrote some sentences using Phase 5 words.

Today the children made a circuit to do some exercises in their homes and gardens.

Today the children solved some logic puzzles involving pattern.

Monday 22nd March 2021
This week in English we will be writing some instructions. The children prepared for their writing today by making a sandwich of their choice.

The children explored different ways to make the number 12. They used part part whole models, tens frames, number lines, tallies and addition and subtraction calculations.

In Phonics we have been recapping our work on the trigraph ‘ore’ The children wrote some words with ‘ore’and then wrote a sentence using the words.

Today the children discussed their understanding of the Easter story and what Christians believe that Easter is about.

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